About Me
My Radio Philosophy

Yes. It's me!

The guy behind this radio station. With more than 20 years of experience in the world of broadcasting, I thought it was about time to go a bit maverick. With growing concern I heard many a station national, regional and local being dictated by smartypants businessmen with there reports and tests an surveys that were increasingly dictating the music played on every station. Every demografic getting it's own musical playlist shoved down there throat. And it worked! Many station became predictably succes-stories.

But predictable is boring. Excitement in music comes from stuff you aren't likely to choose, but when you hear it, it gives you goosebumbs. We like to introduce you to these songs, not forgetting the great hits we all know by heart. 

So there it is. My way of Pirate Radio. A great collection of hits and lesser known stuff that I like and love for you to hear. A great variety of music from different genre's related to (classic) rock, punk, or metal. 

So let me play you some records. I hope they give you the same goosebumps as they gave me!