Friends and interesting links

Our local record store and suplier of some of the greatest tunes on our station. Not only a great place to go for some fine crate digging. Also to just go to and talk about the best subject to talk about. Music.



This is a great place to organize your record collection and to get hold of the ones you always wanted, or to get rid of the clutter in your own collection. Buy, sell, comment and judge all the music you know and be a part of this huge music loving community 

The place to find new music and artist with or without the support of a record company. Find music from all over the world, in all genres and buy it direct from the artist. For us a great source of new music

Not directly music related, but the webshop of some very dear friends of ours, and if you always support your friends.

So if you are in to miniature wargaming we ask you to take a look at Imaginative Miniatures. These guys got the most popular games in stock and even have a range of there own, usable in various games